We present SELT, the Polish factory specializing in manufacturing awnings and facade blinds, on the Baltic market. We offer the opportunity to purchase awnings and facade blinds at factory prices. You can conveniently buy them online at the lowest cost with home delivery. For legal entities and firms registered in the EU, we offer products with a 0% tax rate.

Explore the range of awnings and facade blinds from SELT, designed to enhance your outdoor spaces. Whether you need sun protection or want to create a comfortable atmosphere on your patio or terrace, our awnings are the perfect solution.

Our product lineup includes the following awning series:

  • Silver: A series of awnings with an elegant design and high functionality. It provides excellent sun protection and creates a pleasant environment for your outdoor areas.

  • Jamaica: Awning series known for their stylish and vibrant design. They add a tropical atmosphere and shield you from bright sunlight.

  • Australia: This series is ideal for those who value durability and reliability. Australia awnings are built to withstand extreme weather conditions and maintain their excellent condition for a long time.

  • Paladio: Awning series characterized by exquisite design and superior materials. They create an elegant ambiance on your balcony or in the exterior areas of your business.

  • Dakar: The Dakar series offers stylish and functional solutions for sun protection and creating a comfortable relaxation zone. With a variety of sizes and configurations available, you can choose the awning that perfectly suits your needs.

Take advantage of the opportunity to purchase awnings and facade blinds directly from SELT at factory prices. Enjoy the convenience of online shopping with home delivery. For businesses registered in the EU, we provide tax-free options.

Don't miss the chance to enhance your outdoor spaces with SELT - your reliable partner for stylish and functional solutions.