Roller blinds are great for decorating different interiors. They harmoniously fit into any style, including classic, Provence or minimalism. The main thing is to choose the right color, texture and design of the textile fabric.

Most owners of balconies and loggias strive to glaze them in order to create a cozy, protected space for relaxation. However, for this it is also necessary to take care of protection from the scorching sun: the best solution would be blinds or roller blinds for a balcony or loggia. Our company offers to manufacture and install various light-shielding structures at a favorable cost: place an order online on affordable terms.

Roller blinds are made of special synthetic materials. Roller blinds are very easy to install. The louver fabric can be easily raised and lowered to adjust the amount of sunlight. Such a constructive solution takes up very little space. Roller blinds for plastic windows, balcony or loggia doors are the most ideal solution for a small space.

Types of roller blinds for windows, doors of balconies and loggias:

Fabric curtains installed directly on the window frame. Available in a wide range of textures and colors, you can choose the right solution for the interior in any style.

Roller blinds made of "Zebra" fabric are an excellent option for adjusting the illumination of the balcony space. They are made of two types of material: a denser and lighter fabric for help regulate the flow of sunlight in the room.

You can also choose from our catalog roller blinds for the balcony with sliding windows: they do not interfere with opening the sashes, as they occupy a minimum of free space. It is a convenient and practical alternative to traditional curtains. At the same time, the fabric will reliably block the sun's rays, protecting the room and indoor plants from the heat.