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28 May Enhance Your Outdoor Ambiance with SELT | 0 445
We present SELT, the Polish factory specializing in manufacturing awnings and facade blinds, on the Baltic market. We offer the opportunity to purchase awnings and facade blinds at factory prices. You can conveniently buy them online at the lowest cost with home delivery. For legal entities and firm..
02 Sep Blinds for the office | 0 584
An office is a place where everything should be thought out and decorated in a restrained style. An excellent and practical solution will be blinds for large plastic windows in the office. They protect from light, emphasize laconic style. Roller blinds and blinds in the office can be installed not o..
02 Sep How to order and install blinds by yourself | 0 628
Our customers often ask us why our products cost so much less than our competitors! The answer is very simple - we give you the opportunity to save on using various kinds of consultations, taking measurements to order a product (often on websites you can find that the cost of measuring is free - of ..
02 Aug Roller blinds for a window, balcony or loggia | 0 7205
Roller blinds are great for decorating different interiors. They harmoniously fit into any style, including classic, Provence or minimalism. The main thing is to choose the right color, texture and design of the textile fabric.Most owners of balconies and loggias strive to glaze them in order to cre..
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