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AC405-01 4-Motors Group ControllerThe AC405-01 is a robust and compact multi-motor controller designed to operate up to 4 motors simultaneously, ideal for sophisticated blind automation systems. With its sleek design and easy-to-use connectors, this controller streamlines the operation of multiple m..
from 28.37€ from 51.58€
Ex Tax:from 23.64€
AC Receiver 1 Channel with Dry ContactThe AC Receiver is a streamlined, single-channel device designed to bring wireless convenience to your automated systems. With the ability to pair up to 20 remotes and operate on a reliable 433.92Mhz frequency, this receiver ensures your automated solutions are ..
from 29.08€ from 52.87€
Ex Tax:from 24.23€
AC receiver 1ch (waterproof)..
from 29.08€ from 52.87€
Ex Tax:from 24.23€
AC RF switch 1 channel..
from 34.61€ from 62.93€
Ex Tax:from 28.84€
AC RF switch 2 channels..
from 35.81€ from 65.11€
Ex Tax:from 29.84€
Adaptor 6,25mm..
from 63.19€ from 114.89€
Ex Tax:from 52.66€
AM22 motor charger 5V/2000mA..
from 18.62€ from 33.86€
Ex Tax:from 15.52€
AM22-mounting CTS40 inox 1.0..
from 294.89€ from 536.16€
Ex Tax:from 245.74€
AM24 motor charger 8,4V/1000mA..
from 13.93€ from 25.32€
Ex Tax:from 11.61€
AM25-28 crown..
from 48.06€ from 87.38€
Ex Tax:from 40.05€
AM25-28 drive..
from 73.22€ from 133.13€
Ex Tax:from 61.02€
AM25-35 Absolute crown..
from 276.59€ from 502.90€
Ex Tax:from 230.49€
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